About GPN Recruitment

GPN Recruitment specialising in recruiting for accountancy firms allows us to work with you in creating the perfect match for candidates and employers. With over a decade of recruiting exclusively in this sector means we have gained the know-how, expertise, and market knowledge for you to trust us with your search.

PARTNER WITH USIn it for the long term

Here at GPN Recruitment, it is our passion to partner with candidates and employers for the long term. We understand that people move jobs for a variety of reasons and not everyone has the same motivations. Our initial consultation gives us the opportunity to really understand what it is you are looking for, short and long-term, and to then tailor a solution that is right for you. We will be open and honest at all times, provide you with support and guidance and ensure you receive feedback at every stage of any process

TRUST IN USWe have been doing this for a while

We are not accountants, but we do understand the accountancy recruitment market.  Having worked with accountancy firms of all sizes from the top 10 to smaller boutique firms, we have learnt the differences between firms, the nuances between types of roles, culture and more which enables us to find the perfect match.

TALK TO USCommunication is key

We understand the complexities involved in hiring and when looking for a new job.  This is all made much easier by having somebody on hand at any point, to answer questions, soundboard ideas off or just to talk. We want to be as accessible as possible whether that be via phone, email, WhatsApp or whatever your preferred method of communication is.

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