We partner with you to get you the position that you want and deserve. We provide the tools to help you to get the position that your talent merits, including services such as helping you with your CV and preparing you for interview.

What can you expect from us?

It is our passion to help you achieve your career goals. We can only truly do this by getting to know you, your motivations and where you want to be now and in the future. Once we have that, we will be able to discuss live vacancies with you but also appreciate you may be looking for something more or different. At that point we can “go to market”. Firms of accountants know how difficult it can be to hire so fully understand the need to sometimes create a vacancy if top talent comes along. We keep in touch with employers on a regular basis and as such they are always happy to hear from us about speculative applications.

Why use GPN Recruitment?

If you are looking for an agency that will truly do all they can to help you achieve your career goals then you are in the right place. When you partner with GPN, our job is not done until you have started your new role. (Even then we will still want to keep in touch). When we say “partner”, we mean it. From the start we will get to know you and what you are looking for. We then make the approaches to the firms and jobs you want. We will then help, support and guide you through all stages of the process, whether that be helping you write your cv or to prepare for an interview or anything you may need to land that dream job. And until you land that dream job, we will keep going.

Finally, you can be assured that at GPN, you are unlikely to find more approachable, friendly and hard working consultants. People are our passion, it’s why we do this job and we are confident that you will see this in us right from the start.